Ultra30 front
O+ Ultra 3.0

Make Every Shot Ultra Perfect!

velocity front
Velocity 700 LTE

Entry level LTE phone with Band 28 700 MHz for faster Internet Connection

compact front
Compact Pro 80GB

Professional Camera Performance from a Smartphone

venti front
Venti LTE

Explore the world with this 6” Screen LTE phone!

upsized front
Upsized 40GB

5” HD Android

stream front
Stream HDTV

TV experience anytime, anywhere!

O+ ultra2.0series front
Ultra 2.0 48GB

5.5” Bigger Battery & Bigger Memory Phone

ultra lite front
Ultra Lite 32GB

5” Bigger Battery & Bigger Memory Phone

8 98 android img front
8.98 Android 16GB

Premium-looking phone for Starters

presto front
Presto 700 LTE

Faster LTE Connection with Band 28 700MHz

sonic front
Sonic 700 LTE

Faster internet connection that you’ve never experienced before.

oplusM front

The first ever 0+ USA Android Marshmallow Device

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